The emfiva® F/FRS appliance unleashes tremendous value by determining the true identity of individuals to detect ID fraud, increase safety & security, reduce costs, and improve productivity.     See features >>
Merkatum’s emfiva F/FRS IDMS provides tangible strategic, operational, and financial value for government, banking, and healthcare organizations when effectively deployed.
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Merkatum specializes in biometric and biographic identity resolution technologies as a means to solve fraud and security concerns. Our projects, customers, and partners are our best referrals. See what we have done…
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Biometric Resolution and Identity Management

Merkatum emfiva F/FRS platform offers government agencies and companies a modular, appliance-based, biometric resolution and identity management platform.  The system incorporates strong identity determination capabilities by leveraging the convergence of biometric (fingerprint, facial, iris) and biographic (textual, numeric, phonetic) recognition technologies within a robust and extremely flexible SOA-based, process-driven architecture.  The capacity to biometrically and biographically determine duplicate identity records in databases (de-duplication) or to pinpoint individuals with multiple identity representations in diverse functional environments can effectively reduce identity fraud exposure, significantly alleviate security and public safety risks, and substantially reduce operational costs. The emfiva F/FRS appliance is plug-and-play, simple to use and affordable, thus reducing technological complexities and heightened project implementation costs.   It can be configured for different vertical segments including: civil identification, law enforcement and justice, healthcare, banking, information fusion centers, and benefits management, among others. 

The concept of "biometric identity management technology" is an approach to multimodal biometric identity resolution using physiological characteristics such as faces or fingerprints and process-driven identity management procedures consisting of assigning roles and permissions to individuals and as identity cases are processed via work flow enabled techniques.  Matching precision, system adaptability, and process flexibility are key tenets of the biometric resolution and identity management and approach.  Merkatum’s patent-pending technology is unique as it maximizes recognition and usability via de convergence of biometric and biographic data. Merkatum also develops and markets identity enrollment kits (“Eagle Kit”) comprised of integrated biometric capture devices (fingerprint, facial, iris, signature) and data encoders (barcode, document scanners) contained in ruggedized briefcases for military, public safety, and civil identification applications.

Merkatum, based in Austin U.S.A., is a leading biometric resolution and identity management systems provider for organizations around the globe.